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Regardless of age, gender or life goals, who wouldn’t want to be fit, healthy and happy?

The problem is – answering to the many commitments in life – often results in opportunities being missed, or in abandoning the prospect of a healthy lifestyle all together.

Unless you're already ‘savvy’ and organized in your approach, sustainable fitness is a huge challenge. And if you're currently out-of-shape, you're most likely feeling exasperated. understands this language and aims to provide tangible solutions.

Whether you're like Al, or an absolute beginner, or more experienced – rest assured, you can surpass adversity in favor of lasting success!

I know, because I live that life.

Let me walk you through how I help others get the same:



It’s not always easy to find (and then keep) your motivation, efforts and resources consistently aligned with your life and wellness goals.

Nonetheless, it’s essential for sustained well-being that obstacles are cleared and limiting beliefs are challenged. Only this way can you devise an optimal success framework in line with your values and aspirations.

I work with clients seeking real results and lasting change by helping provide the encouragement while we work on improving their situations.

I do this 1-on-1 and with small groups both locally and online.

Each person’s needs will vary. There are different options or ‘routes‘ we could follow, if you’d like to work with me.

The choice will largely depend on ‘where‘ you are vis-a-vis your current wellness – and your aspirations for the future ‘You‘ and state of well-being.

Feel free to connect via the contact page, or send me a custom query.

Unsure? Need more specific information to help you decide how to proceed?


2. INFORMATION AND RESOURCES offers free, honest and qualified content to help you:


3. ENGAGING with my community

I explore the more common wellness topics (relevant to my followers) here on MFR, Facebook and in due course via podcast and on Youtube.

My intention is to discuss and share valuable experiences and insights on lifestyle, fitness programs and related life issues, as well as to provide you with food-for-thought, support and practical solutions.

You, Al and I are short on time, but we still want that balance of looking and feeling good – while also enjoying a more engaging and fulfilling life.

Even with the ‘dread’ of starting, the ‘tedium’ that can beset maintaining, not to mention all the confusion and dishonesty out there – there’s so much potential ‘good’ associated with fitness and healthy living.

I love arguing my case for why you can have a better life-situation.



Because of my passion for helping, and the close association with health and wellness, I occasionally involve myself in workshops and consulting in:

Corporate Wellness

The health and well-being of employees are essential aspects of the success of any organization – big or small. And since most working people spend the bulk of their day in the workplace, it follows that they should benefit from a sound employee wellness program.

The personal health of employees is best assured by promoting balance and healthy habits to reduce stress and prevent disease or chronic illness.

The benefits to employers who offer and promote corporate health and wellness programs in the workplace, are unquestionable. Aside from improved output and productivity, as well as decreased costs – where employees are concerned, the positive effects also extend to:

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Higher employee retention

  • Enhanced morale and corporate culture

But to have all the benefits that come with corporate harmony, means actively devising and implementing policies and best practices that provide tangible incentives and advantages to both employer and employees.

Although organizations (particularly the larger ones like the United Nations) pay lip service to wellness, momentum is usually lost when it comes to championing and supporting such initiatives.

I know, because I work closely with Management and Human Resources in consulting and advising on such activities, as well as on organizational design and job roles.

School Wellness

Three of the most neglected aspects of youth wellness are sleep, nutrition and physical exercise.

Most teenagers in developed societies contend with insufficient sleep and physical activity, not to mention unbalanced nutrition – such that childhood obesity has become one of the most serious health epidemics facing our modern world.

Children of all ages are in the formative years of their lives – where the ideal opportunity exists to lay the groundwork for success later on. The best time to act is now!

Whatever they achieve, or fail to achieve in life – will largely depend on lifestyle. I collaborate with school counsellors in understanding and addressing the specific challenges impacting the well-being of scholars – and in providing appropriate support.

My workshops are designed, not to lecture, but to promote active participation to discuss balance, conscientiousness and healthy habits.

My aim is to leave an enduring sense of awareness and a simple but effective framework of behaviors with which to work towards a successful and prosperous future.


5. Courses

Listings coming soon!