Who am I?

I'm Cleto "Clay" Tirabassi, ISSA-certified Master Fitness Trainer and a fan of sustainable health, fitness and wellness. I'm blessed to have a wonderful wife and two fabulous young girls. Together, they are the rock in my life.

I have been a devoted enthusiast fitness for most of my life, a love affair which began when I was just 4 years old.

That's 47 years ago! (You can read more about my story here.)

I maintain my own condition using the Sensible Fitness Program. Although it's a highly effective program, it is simple to follow. And because it's not time-consuming, it fits perfectly with the rest of my life.

I ensure that my lifestyle is supported by 'mostly' healthy eating.

Why 'mostly?'

Well, let's just say that life would become rather boring and complicated for me if I ate only healthy stuff. For that purpose, I leave room for flexibility, keeping to an average daily ratio of 80-20.

This means 80% goes to wholesome low fat/nutrient-dense meals, and 20% allows me to factor in things like ice-cream, chocolate or richer foods—for example bigger portions or those with more than average cheese etc.

My eating plan is therefore flexible and enjoyable. It's easy to adhere to over the long-term, and enables me to maintain excellent health and an optimal physical condition all year round.

I couldn't think of living any other way. This is what encompasses 'The Sensible Way', and why 'sensible' is the new healthy.