'Sensible' is the best approach for Al when setting up an effective program.


We'll discuss this le and practical muscle-gain, cardiovascular conditioning and . The sensible approach is also the best way to lose weight.

the important aspect of Workout Routines.

We'll also consider a proposed 'commonsense' mindset to adopt when deciding on a routine (or combination of routines) for optimal gains in health-related fitness, as well as for physical fitness.

This is especially useful when you're overwhelmed by the fitness industry's offerings and confusion.

The importance of 'shopping around'

Most fitness magazine covers, bodybuilding websites and other related electronic resources predominantly display physical excellence.

These media offer an immense selection of workout routines and programs promoting an array of 'amazing' results.

You're spoiled-for-choice!

You just pick up a copy of the most appealing magazine, or sign up with, select one of the workout routines  (given that the cover models endorse it), and you’re done, right?

Sorry, wrong!

Let's First consider the bad news

It’s not simply a case of cherry-picking a routine from a cover story like “your best summer workout program”, or “lose 15 pounds in a week” or“get huge fast.” 

And one of the latest scams going around: "Six Pack Abs In... 3 Simple Steps."

The images, buzzwords and catch phrases are amazingly impressive, but beware – keep a clear head! Yes, they effectively sell the body-beautiful concept, but who is the media at large actually talking to? And why are these promises made?

My take is that most non-exercisers (or those who aren't consciously healthy) are easily hoodwinked. Knowing that, the con-artists simply rinse and repeat with newer and fancier stuff.

Without being sufficiently informed, people like Al often find themselves buying or signing up for something because of the attractive packaging.

But what about the substance?

It's impossible to expect someone to use just any workout program, follow it blindly and expect the same results displayed by the celebrities promoting it. The marketers are simply doing their best to 'move' products, and don’t mind if you naïvely 'believe' that you'll obtain the same results as their models do.

You may, but nobody's going to guarantee it.

Now, the better news

With your thinking cap on and your mind made up to succeed, you can achieve something great and long-lasting.

I’m don't begrudge the health and fitness concepts being marketed. I myself subscribe to several of the popular ones. By all means, there are many related publications which make for good reading and carry lots of valuable resources.

However, do not merely follow anything blindly.

Only by adopting an informed approach, will you be able to realistically plan and successfully follow a workout routine.

What's more – you'll be optimally-positioned to interpret your progress and fine tune your periodic achievements to achieve the end-objective.

How should you begin?

I know, I've said this often – but it's relevant to so many of the fitness topics I deal with. So I'm going to cover it here too:

  • Begin with a realistic, practical and yes, you guessed right, 'sensible approach.' First things first: take off the blinders. One of the most important aspects you’ll need for a body transformation program (or any other), is a thinking and questioning and mindset.

Do not take things at face-value.

The fitness industry is unfortunately not sincere. Neither is it commonplace to science. Results are neither always empirically substantiated, nor guaranteed.

Even though your vision of success may have you looking straight ahead towards your fitness goal, there are certain factors which are going to dictate your individual shape-up potential and results.


The 'best' workout routines for you, are those which take into account the many variables involved like: inherited genetics (somatotype), age, eating preferences, discipline and desired fitness goal, and then deliver on your objectives. We're talking about a multi-faceted project here.


I too discovered my genetic gifts and limitations along my fitness journey. The first real taste was during my initial transformation, and it was why (and how) I came up with the Sensible Fitness Program: the best plan for me – and an excellent starting-point for Al.

Some key points on selecting workout routines

Okay, so with the issue of genetics (our individual differences) and other factors addressed, let's see about putting things into practice:

  • You have to work with the above-mentioned variables and exploit them to your advantage. Although excellent physical condition is attainable, it’s not as easy as 1-2-3;
  • Do your own research (don't simply trust mine or the next person's) to better understand the topics of health-related fitness and other types of fitness;
  • Think and question everything, to stay in tune with your evolving condition – so that you can gauge your progress and alter course as and where necessary;
  • Ask for help or advice – preferably from a qualified/trusted source. (You can also contact me. I'd be more than willing to dialogue with you on the Sensible Fitness Program, or any of the other topics covered on this Site.);
  • Lastly, remember that no one person or source can give you all the answers, simply because nobody has all the answers. Fitness is a 'thinking' person’s game. Be dedicated, work at it – and stay abreast of developments in the industry.

The effects of physical exercise

Whatever physical exercise activity or program you engage in, it's useful to take note the effects on the functional capacity of the muscles, organs and body tissue (read more about the benefits of exercise).

But it's not just about looking good.

The favorable changes are also referred to as the 'Training Effect', and result from the stress and overload of physical exercise – your physiological adaptation.

Regardless of your exercise choice, you'll want your body to be stronger, more efficient and less susceptible to disease. To optimally achieve this, you should include both Aerobic Exercise (Cardiovascular Training) and Anaerobic Exercise (including Weight/Strength Training), thereby training both the slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

These physical activities will cause a number of physiological and biochemical changes to occur, not to mention positive changes to your metabolism, anatomy and your spiritual well-being.


Besides working on your levels of health and fitness, try to also include time for meditation and relaxation to harmonize your physical and non-physical faculties.


Consider this before deciding

There's a plethora of training methodologies, principles and desired outcomes – but the choice comes down to you as individual.

With all the confusing fitness possibilities out there, these are the aspects you need to be thinking about:

  • What are you in the market for?
  • What are your objectives?
  • Do you know what you want in tangible terms?

In my experience, people who 'dabble', usually fail. Those who decide on clear and realistic goals – normally succeed.

If you're like Al, then it's actually quite straightforward for you. MyFitnessRoad.com is actually designed to cater for the audience Al belongs to. For your needs, the Sensible Fitness Program is an excellent solution.

If however, you're pondering fitness, not by your own volition – but because of failing health due to a poor lifestyle – then I'd strongly advise first consulting with a health expert or medical practitioner.

Some practical take-home pointers

At the end of the day, there are no 'best' workout routines – only those that work best for you.

Here are some keys pointers for successful workout routines:

  • Assess and fully understand the “where I am now” point. This will help you narrow down the possible workout routine candidates you can realistically follow, whether you do this with the assistance of a certified trainer, or on your own (ACSM's Complete Guide to Fitness & Health is a great resource);
  • Once you know where you're 'at', you can start thinking about your course of action. Cardinal to your success will be to plan, execute and record your progress by means of a log;
  • Don’t procrastinate because you "don't have time." Nobody does. But the boost in your morale from your initial progress will be enough motivation for you to become more organized to improvise ways of fitting things in (this is totally possible).


Regardless of anything you come across in your quest for improved fitness, the best workout routines are the ones that you're consistent with and able to adjust and optimize; by capitalizing on your own particular inclinations – so that they work for you and yield the results you want.


Best of luck with your workout routines and fitness endeavors!