FACT:  Avoiding all 'unhealthy' food and spending most of your free time working out will alienate you.


How well would you get on with the people in your life when you have nothing in common with them?

The Mission

To get through to, and to help the crowd which shares Al's predicament.

And to do this by:

  • Reducing the unnecessary hype perpetuated by the fitness industry, and
  • Offering a practical solution: the Sensible Fitness Program.

People like Al have come to realize the need for fitness and health – but also have lots of demanding ‘stuff’ going on.

Unfortunately, this crowd is always going to be pressed for time. With that, balance becomes vital, if you want a more engaging and fulfilling life along with being fit and healthy.

I know, everybody is short on time.

It's natural inclination to throw your hands in the air if you're overwhelmed – and can't see any permanent space in your life for fitness. I used to think this way too.

But let me point out that all it takes is a basic measure of organized commitment and a sensible approach. Soon enough, you can begin to successfully establish this along with a healthier 'you.'

The Sensible Fitness Program enables fitness on all fronts – efficiently. This means more 'bang for your buck.'

If your current lifestyle is anything like Al's I highly recommend you check it out.

(Further information about the program can also be found on the intro and FAQ pages.)

The Sensible Way: Living a fulfilled, meaningful, respectful and giving life; obtaining what you wish for with body, mind and spirit in harmony.
— Clay Tirabassi

How's the mission carried out?


Free, honest and qualified advice to help you:

  • Understand the benefits of fitness;
  • Take stock of 'where you are';
  • Assess your condition and unique fitness-potential;
  • Establish a realistic goal in following the Sensible Fitness Program, or assist with specialized needs;
  • Devise practical strategies to help you get organized, stay the course and achieve your goals.


A means to interact and share valuable experience and insight on following a fitness program.

You, Al and I are short on time, but we still want that balance of looking and feeling good – while enjoying a more engaging and fulfilling life.

There is actually plenty of good news about achieving fitness – even with all of the confusion and dishonesty out there.

We explore a number of pertinent topics and provide several useful resources on the Site.


Online fitness training and support is available on request. Get your own customized fitness program.