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You want to be fit and healthy – but also have many other commitments. This can result in opportunities being missed, or in you abandoning the prospect of a healthy lifestyle all together.

Unless you're already-informed and organized in your approach, sustainable fitness is a huge challenge. And if you're currently out-of-shape, you're most likely feeling totally exasperated. understands this language and provides the solutions.

Regardless of whether you're like Al, an absolute beginner, or more experienced – rest assured, you can surpass this!

I know, because I live that life.

Let me walk you through how I help others get the same:


1. GUIDANCE offers free, honest and qualified guidance to help you:

  • Understand the benefits of fitness;

  • Take stock of 'where you are';

  • Assess your condition and unique fitness-potential;

  • Establish a realistic goal in following the Sensible Fitness Program, or assist with specialized needs;

  • Devise practical strategies to help you get organized, stay the course and achieve your goals.



A number of pertinent topics are explored right here on the Site and on the Facebook page, in the hope that they are of practical use and benefit to you.

The idea is to interact and share valuable experiences and insights on following a fitness program – and all that goes along with it.

You, Al and I are short on time, but we still want that balance of looking and feeling good – while enjoying a more engaging and fulfilling life.

There is actually plenty of good news about achieving and maintaining fitness – even with all of the confusion and dishonesty out there.

I love engaging and talking about this.



Wellness coaching and online support are available. Simply select the plan that best fits your need, or request your own customized program.

If you have additional questions, you can also reach me via the contact page.


4. Courses

Listings coming soon!