The Sensible Fitness Program Logs

Download the free 4-part Program Log for use with the Sensible Fitness Program.

This 4-part log comprises the:

  1. Resistance Workout Log
  2. Cardio Workout Log
  3. Weekly Meals Log
  4. Body-Measurements and Progress Log

The file is in PDF format. Here's the access link. (If you require the Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded free from

Using these logs is dead easy. Simply alternate the resistance and cardio workout sheets followed by a weekly meal log. (Print out and prepare these before you begin your program.) 

Keep the measurements log handy either at the beginning or the end of your documentation, so that you have quick access to your progress details (including the suggested photos taken pre-program and at 1-month intervals).

Tips for completing the logs

The page: Fitness Program Log gives an overall explanation on the importance and function of recording progress in support of achieving a fitness goal. 

There's not much left to say here except: get started – today!