I work with people who share Al's predicament – and who want a better deal. My aim is to inspire, motivate and support them in achieving their lifestyle and wellness goals.


  1. Take the time to engage and fully understand your situation and the limitations negatively impacting your lifestyle.

  2. Closely collaborate in devising the most practical solutions, not only to achieve, but also to sustain wellness alongside your other life-commitments.

  3. Provide honest supportive information and resources through my coaching and this Website, free of obtrusive irrelevant clickbait and annoying pop ups.
    (My intention is to provide quality service while helping reduce the unnecessary hype and misinformation perpetuated by the health and fitness industries.)

how I serve my community

Taking my cue from the mission statement means I will ‘level’ and empathize with you. It’s how I know that people like Al acknowledge the need for fitness and health – but struggle to combine them along with the other demanding ‘stuff’ in their lives.

In other words: I make it my business to listen and understand.

Our natural inclination is to throw our hands in the air because we’re overwhelmed and can't see any way of devoting permanent space towards better living.

I often felt this way too. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to see it any other way. But I learned and I understand the workarounds. Sharing and coaching these solutions is what really gets me enthusiastic!

Whether 1-on-1, via MFR or Facebook, I engage with my community by providing:

  1. Guidance

  2. Information and Resources

  3. Coaching Services, Consultations and Workshops

  4. Courses

These activities are further detailed on the services page.