Questions about (MFR) and the Sensible Fitness Program (SFP)


I take a lot less for granted – than is common practice in the fitness industry.

Although I categorize 'Al' in my audience by way of hectic lifestyle and unfulfilled wishes, everybody in that crowd is an individual, and presents a uniquely different case.

Because of the way MFR sets itself apart from average Sites, it has generated a lot of interest and curiosity over the years.

I believe it's important and useful to list the most commonly-raised topics. The answers should give you a good understanding of the Site’s branding, 'positioning' and its offerings.

(You might also want to consult the page on Fitness Terms and Definitions)

1. What is the Sensible Fitness Program and how is it related to

The Sensible Fitness Program (SFP) is MFR’s flagship program, and aims to provide a sustainable lifestyle of all-round wellness.

More specifically, it's a fitness program geared primarily to 'Al', who is somewhat of an 'average everyday person.' The program enables Al to achieve and maintain optimal fitness and health while continuing to enjoy a socially connected, rewarding and prosperous life.

In short "fitness, but not at the cost of the other parts of your life."

There is no prescribed or suggested use of vitamins and/or other supplements, or drugs associated with this program – aside from the minimal use of protein/energy supplements only when warranted for competitive reasons.

The focus of the program is not only on what you need to do to 'look' good – the fitness industry is already saturated with workout programs. More importantly, it considers your fitness-potential, your would-be motivations, and the likely pitfalls along the way to achieving your desired goals. In other words, not a cookie-cutter program.

Because of its approach, SFP is ideal for those who want to be in excellent health and shape without sacrificing conventional living. It delivers this by using practical and efficient strategies.

MFR promotes SFP and showcases it along with practical nutritional information and lifestyle strategies that are workable and sustainable.

2. Who is 'Al', and what can this person hope to gain from the Program?

While not intending to over-generalize, Al is busy and wants to get into shape – but is in a phase of life where center-stage is dominated by one or more of the following:

  • Holding down a demanding job – possibly involving travel and tight deadlines;

  • Running a household;

  • Taking care of a child, or two;

  • Juggling a host of family commitments;

  • Having a social life.

MFR's audience – like Al – are therefore people who have lots of 'stuff' going on, but who’ve decided that they are no longer content with an overweight or less-than-healthy condition. They want to change this while continuing to lead, as far as possible, a 'normal' or conventional lifestyle.

You see, like Al, we're usually short on time, but we still want that balance of looking and feeling good – while enjoying a more engaging and fulfilling life.

The aim of SFP is for you to gain fitness on all fronts. As I often stress, the benefits of overall wellness are massive.

3. Why distinguish 'Al' from the larger crowd?

The concepts 'average person' and 'sensible' may seem cliché to you – if you’re already knowledgeable about fitness, and have lots of time.

Not so for the rest of us like Al, so please be warned!

Once you become a part of society and enter the realm of the 'real' world with its host of commitments, lifestyle-balance becomes tricky. Remember those bullet points above? This is where Al usually finds it all too much and lets go of health and fitness – just like the rest of the already-established willfully ignorant crowd.

Don't let that happen! If it did – there’s never been a better time to get back on track.

4. What makes MFR’s angle on health, fitness and physical training different?

Unlike most conventional Websites, books, magazines and media, does not make unrealistic promises; for example: boasting impressive photographs and claiming that you can "pack on several pounds of lean muscle in mere months!"

Flashy punch lines like those, graphic ads or media covers are selling concepts, which too often turn out to be unfounded claims.

Blanket approaches where sellers imply that anyone can look like the massive ripped specimens in their marketing photos, do NOT take into account vital factors like individual health condition (personal fitness), genetic predisposition or muscle-building potential. Neither do they disclose the widespread and conveniently denied (although often obvious) use of performance enhancing drugs and site enhancement.

Increasing muscle-size (hypertrophy), although possible in most candidates, is not as easy as it is marketed. The same goes for weight loss. Diets and nutritional programming cannot be effective if they are not customized to the individual and therefore risk being flawed right off-the-bat.

MFR goes to great lengths to bring this message across by providing valuable free information and guidance – as well as offering coaching and custom services.

5. CAN YOU Describe the protocols of the Sensible Fitness Program (SFP)?

As indicated above, SFP is a simple means to achieve sustainable all-round wellness.

I distinguish 'Al' from the crowd because of time-constraints and other commitments. But even though people like Al share similar predicaments, each possesses varying degrees of fitness-potential and goals. Age, gender, physical condition and experience are important – but so are specific intentions like losing weight, building muscle or toning.

Although based on 5 tried-and-tested strength-training exercise movements, variable cardio and flexibility, SFP includes from beginner to intermediate to more experienced fitness levels. Once maintaining a desired condition at an advanced level, you could consider new challenges like specialization routines (cutting, recomposition or bulking).

Of course these advanced protocols still adhere to the basic design and principles of the Sensible Fitness Program.

The bottom line is that SFP is more than just one static program. Even though it employs simple techniques, it is intended to adapt to your goals so that you can go on challenging yourself to continue learning, and so that your body can go on evolving.

6. Are there health and fitness merchants out there that can be trusted?

Yes there are, but you need to use common sense and make informed decisions about which players to interact with.

Choose wisely and avoid those who not only look after their own interests, but take yours into account as well. Too often, people are seduced into buying. There're all sorts of promises and too quickly we’re in over their heads, paying for a product or service that at best delivers short of their hopes and expectations.

I've come across thousands of hard-sell statements in the fitness industry. I also made my share of mistakes and bad choices and spent lots of well-earned money with little to show for. In the process, I experienced first-hand that several claims are frequently unfounded and unethical – and don’t always work for just 'anyone.'

You could argue that vendors usually guarantee "your money back if not entirely satisfied." I am certain though, that if you ever tried a program or dietary supplement that did not deliver promised results, and then asked for your money back – you'll have been shown all kinds of creative disclaimers. Some will even use excuses like, "you’re perhaps not genetically predisposed enough to shaping up", or "maybe you’re not following the program closely enough."

Whatever justification is used, if you are not sufficiently knowledgeable in the field of health, fitness and nutrition, you're a 'sitting duck.' Unless or course you're in the hands of a committed, caring and honest coach, trainer or advisor.

Remember, if you are uninformed and willing to pay good money to any health and fitness commodity with a clever tagline or snazzy packaging, sooner-or-later you WILL be ripped off!

7. I’ve read about many bodybuilding and transformation programs. How achievable is the Sensible Fitness Program?

Whether training with me, under the guidance of a personal trainer, or following the training principles available on this Site, no transformation will be a 'walk in the park', but it will certainly become easier as you proceed – so never be discouraged!

Programs become easier as you get acquainted with the nutrition plans, workout routines, and as you understand your body's tendencies and work to your strengths. And most importantly – in terms of consistency – as you steadily work towards cementing those new behaviors into habits – and then, come what may, sticking to them going forward.

Following any program diligently will ensure a sense of routine, which is essential for maintaining focus and consistency.

8. What is different about Mfr's offerings compared to other Sites?

3 important things which Al and other interested individuals (or newcomers to health and fitness) fully deserve:

HONESTY – TRANSPARENCY – SUPPORT, and no empty claims.

All literature displayed on the Site or distributed is my own work, unless otherwise referenced or specified. The same applies to the body images.

Unless content is obtained from a third-party or otherwise stated, what I provide are verifiable truths and insight from my own hands-on experience.

My intention is to guide and enable users to learn about their individual adaptability and response-potential to physical exercise and revised nutrition on the way to a new and better lifestyle.

9. Why use the SFP techniques?

Because they are time-efficient, practical and realistic – and allow average everyday people like Al to realize their true fitness potential.

Unless you live on your own and don't work (because you don’t need to), have large sums of money and appoint a full-time personal trainer and dietician to arrange and prepare your exercise routines and meals (not to mention monitor and correct your progress) you're pretty much like Al.

That's why the sensible approach is ideal if you're serious about getting into shape, but never really knew how or where to start – or who to approach.

10. Why can't I afford NOT to be interested?

Think of the 'possibility' of being in excellent physical shape as your untapped potential going to waste.

The advantages and importance of exercising, and the positive spin-offs of good physical health, are numerous. The benefits of exercise impact on all areas of your life.

And if you think age has anything to do with it, remember that nobody is too old to start exercising. Once you fully realize the importance of this and internalize what it means, you will literally sit up with a fright and wonder why you hadn’t started sooner.

11. Is it really worth all the time and fuss?

Nothing good or exceptional comes without sacrifice.

You can easily take on a challenge to change but 'actually' succeeding depends on how badly you want to. However, the satisfaction and sense of pride you'll ultimately feel with your transformed condition – and the success you'll garner from this – will be nothing short of amazing. You’ll know what I mean when you get there.

It'll be deservedly yours and but do not squander the opportunity for success!

Remember, the sensible way = enjoying real food and not working out for hours on end = a sustainable lifestyle = happiness.