How to Engage in Self-Care on Your Journey To Personal Growth

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If you’re on a quest for personal growth, prioritizing self-care will help you better achieve your goals. Big life changes may be just what you need to put you on the path toward the life you’ve always wanted, but they come with a lot of stress. Whether you're starting a new career, going back to school, or taking on another big change, ensure you stay focused on your well-being.

Many obstacles can get in the way of self-care, including fatigue, stress from work, life responsibilities, and your desire to care for others. However, if you want to improve yourself, you have to practice self-care every day.

Go Easy on Yourself

In times of change, you’re sure to face moments when you feel upset. Don't blame yourself for mistakes or take it as a sign of weakness. After all, dealing with big transitions in your life involves confronting your emotions and accepting how you feel. If you make a mistake, try to not respond with embarrassment or allow yourself to lose self-confidence. Instead, reframe situations with positivity and humor. In fact, one study found that positive humor can boost self-esteem and is beneficial to people in stressful environments.

Take Some Time to Relax

According to Psychology Today, stress is normal and expected in times of change. Remember that just because you're feeling stress, this doesn't mean you're making the wrong decision. Most people feel stress during the happiest moments of their life, including pregnancy, marriage, and when they buy a new house.

To cope with stress, try designing a special space or room in your home for meditation. When you're stressed, your body reacts with the fight or flight response that sends your nerves into overdrive. Meditation has the exact opposite effect on the body. Sitting still and focusing on your breath can calm your mind and trigger your body's relaxation response. This benefits your body by lowering your heart rate and reducing cortisol in your blood.

Lean on Your Support Network

One of the best ways to make it through change is to get familiar with the people in your community. Thrive Global claims that a strong support network can reduce the risk of depression in people going through times of stress. If you’re switching careers, get to know people at your new job. If you’re going back to school, talk to other people in your classes. You’re certain to meet people who share your interests, so try to create a network of support as you get used to your new situation.

Develop a Healthy Routine

Striving for personal growth means making major changes to your lifestyle. To help you develop healthy habits, try to develop a routine. Better yet, a routine will give you a comfortable, structured way to live your life during difficult times of change. Having things in your schedule that stay the same day to day will also give your brain a break from making decisions.

More importantly, try to include exercise and healthy eating in your routine. You’ll benefit from this with higher energy levels, increased happiness and a reduced risk of various diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. With your body in top shape, you’ll be able to take on whatever personal challenges you set for yourself.

Setting off on a quest toward personal growth is a great way to achieve happiness as you seek out your best life. However, there are also many mistakes to be avoided. For example, try to focus on one aspect of self-improvement at a time instead of spreading yourself thin. Attempting to get fit, switch careers, learn new skills, and start volunteering all at once will leave you feeling overwhelmed with too little energy to focus on your personal growth. Take your time, and don't forget to treat yourself with care.

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