Why wait?

Focusing on the prospect of creating something big or special can be a good thing. However, not all of the world’s greatest achievements occurred this way.

Many happened by accident.

That doesn’t mean we should go about life discarding careful forethought in favor of taking a shot in the dark.

Any wise person would tell you that thoughtful planning is an important ingredient when successful outcomes are desired.

But not when it leads to self-defeating procrastination.

As humans, we have the innate tendency to do this though. Our instinctive reaction to the thought of doing something awkward or unpleasant (before we even know ‘why‘) is, “not now, later perhaps.“

Or maybe never…

Bruce Lee summarized this perfectly:

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

When it comes to exercising, some people really become creative about why they need to wait, sprouting rationalizations like: “I need to get my mind right” or “I have no time.” Others feel the need to research at length as they ponder and deliberate before taking action.

What should you do?

Most importantly, don’t listen to too many opinions – and be especially wary of your own. That inner voice may be the most paralyzing of all of them.

But why should you be cautious of others’ points-of-view?

By nature, people generally think they have ‘the’ answer for you. Then there are the fitness resources, which usually try to be everything to everybody, instead of working with more specific or homogenous groups. As things stand, if you’re not clued up – the health and fitness industries will have you duped, lighter in-the-pocket and pulling your hair out with all their conflicting philosophies – before you even know it.

Along with naively buying the shiniest proposition, comes the danger that your progress might fall short of your expectations, which is too often used as a justification for giving up on fitness entirely.

So my advice is to go about fitness sensibly, by selecting a program that offers you a workable solution (resisting those that promise you a god or godesslike exterior). And to keep going with your chosen program for at least a month before assessing it critically. Adjust things as necessary but keep moving.

But the bottom line, and the whole point of this article.

Whatever you do, just start!