Fitness – no matter what

Outdoor exercising at sub-zero temperatures seems crazy – right?

Call it what you will – but it's also one of the things that distinguish fitness achievers (do-ers) from fitness aspirers (wannabe procrastinators). Most people I know would consider working out in the freezing cold as 'extreme.' I see the word 'serious' as a more appropriate description.

A wise old Austrian hiking master once told me: "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices." You see, suitable apparel and footwear mean you can pretty much train in any weather conditions.

The bottom line here is simple: You will only achieve something of significant importance – if you want to badly enough. So if health and fitness mean enough to you – then I strongly urge you to cultivate this mindset.

Fully embrace and internalize those (or any other) 'wants', and your goals and achievements will follow naturally. #fitnessnomatterwhat #sensiblefitness