5 Benefits of Exercise that will change your life

We can do nothing without the body, let us always take care that it is in the best condition to sustain us.

~ Socrates

In other words, do your physical exercise and you'll enjoy overall wellness and extended longevity.

Why squander having a stronger body, overall wellness and the best defense against illness? The benefits of exercise are free for the taking.

Overlooking them could cost you later on.

Health and fitness is everybody's business – without distinction. And that is the simplest reason why you cannot afford to ignore these 5 benefits of exercise:

1. Exercise allows you to control your weight


By combining a physical fitness regimen with a supportive eating plan that delivers the necessary macronutrients, and provides favorable blood sugar levels. Of course, regular exercise and appropriate eating will mean different things to different people.

The bottom line is that that you'll need to factor exercise and eating into an overall fitness program to achieve your desired outcome.

Whether your goal is weight loss, maintenance or muscle-gain – the main players in the equation are food and exercise.

2. Exercise lowers you health risks

Physical exercise strengthens bones, muscles, joints and soft tissue, while reducing the risk of chronic disease and illnesses like cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. 

Here's an additional health-related benefit of physical exercise: it boosts your natural defences against colds and flu viruses.

And to think that millions of people suffer from ailments that can be prevented or improved through a regular physical exercise program.

3. Doing exercise enables you to do more

Aside from improved physiological conditioning, exercise enhances your stability, overall strength and cardiovascular endurance.


These benefits greatly improve your motor-skills and energy-levels. I don't think you can scoff at that – especially if you're getting on in years!

4. Exercise improves your physical attractiveness

An increase in blood circulation (during and after exercise), helps in the release of certain hormones and brain chemicals – and in shuttling oxygen and nutrients to cells and body-tissue.

Apart from allowing you to tone your muscles and reduce your waistline, exercise contributes to a healthier skin condition – thereby promoting a more youthful appearance.

5. The non-physical benefits of exercise

Besides alleviating those typical life-stressors related to home, work, more work and commuting – the post-workout and long-term benefits of exercise offer superb contributions to your overall sense of psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Specifically, these benefits include: elevated mood and libido; improved self-esteem, confidence and concentration levels, as well as sleep quality.

No room for sadness or depression here!

Last but not least, this benefit also extends to the prevention of certain cognitive problems, which are often associated with ageing.

Regrettably, the promise of good health usually falls on deaf ears

Even if common sense hints that people shouldn't need convincing, after reading this page, the sad reality is that many of us (actually most of us) choose to ignore the benefits and importance of exercise.

Along with that, the many advantages of health and physical fitness are also disregarded.

With that, the levels of obesity among our populations continue to rise – causing (among other painful burdens) large medical expenses.

Instead of enjoying the benefits of exercising and living responsibly – we're destined to 'grapple' with a whole host of chronic conditions due to physical inactivity and irresponsible living.

Why let it come to that?

You want to wait till you have more time?

Why wait for the 'ideal' point-in-time to begin working out?

Now is the time!

You've got little to lose and a lot to gain. Yes, you may argue that you don’t have the time. I've heard that story a thousand times over. It sounds a lot like mine. But let me share a little secret – nobody has enough time. Not even the top professional bodybuilders.

Becoming organized and prioritizing goals is the ONLY way you'll achieve anything of significance in life – not only your fitness goals.

You can absolutely do this – if you make it matter enough. 

Again, don't lose sight of those important benefits of exercise. Once you get underway, it won't be long and you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t started sooner.

You'll be pleasantly surprised. I promise!

If you make a solid start with your fitness program and stay regular, a strong sense of routine will take hold within you. It'll occur within a couple of weeks or so. Subtle enough that you won't even notice it happening.

It may seem strange to you now – but you'll actually begin 'justifying' your program when it has become commonplace in your life. Especially when other lesser priorities (which previously dictated differently) now threaten the physical activity which has become important to you.

You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there. How do I know this to be true?

I experienced it all – first-hand!

(More about this on the page dealing with my physical transformation.)

Now get to it!

Remember, the benefits of exercise will positively impact all areas of your everyday life.

Whether you think you're too old or too unfit, becoming  and staying physically active will give you the will, the strength and the energy to accomplish your daily activities better and faster then you imagined possible.

Don't delay any longer. Make that start today!

Use the free sensible fitness program and adapt it to your needs, or get in touch with me for a customized program via a free consultation.


Important! Always consult your doctor concerning your health, diet, physical activity, or about any questions you may have regarding your physical or mental health and wellness.



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