... to get into shape. But somehow, it's just not happening.

sensible fitness program
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Could it be that something called 'life' got in the way? 

"I'd really like to get fit and healthy, but I have too much on my plate!
Besides, I don’t have the time or energy for any fitness program."

Or perhaps you've succumbed to the information-overload proliferated by the fitness industry, and feel intimidated - or put off.

You see countless programs online – right? 

True, but if fitness isn't your game, can you make sense of it all?  

Would you know where to start, or what type of fitness program to select?  

If you do, what would your motivation be? 

Also, when browsing those online fitness resources, how often do you honestly feel that YOUR interests are being considered – instead of someone else's product, service or supplement?  

That last point is one of the reasons why I created this Site.  

Sadly, the mainstream fitness media lacks realistic, unbiased and coherent information. The ordinary person needs 'friendly' and 'familiar' – not 'complex.' 

Don't get me wrong - there are some top Sites out there, but few and far between.  

Most of them already presume they know your 'wants', 'needs' and motivations. Guns blazing, they come at you with a one-size-fits-all solution.  

Invariably you're overwhelmed at the prospect of dieting and working out 24/7 for the rest of your life. Who would want this

That's where comes in - with the Sensible Fitness Program.

How is it different from others?

Because it rejects that one-size-fits-all notion, recognizing those it serves as individuals with different degrees of fitness know-how and resources on-hand.  

No one person has the same amounts of time, money and inclination for fitness as the next person – but we all want to be fit and healthy.  

The fitness industry's 'blanket approach', which promises the same potential results for everyone, is therefore naive.  

'Sensible Fitness Program' prefers a more analytical yet pragmatic approach - based not only on science, but also on tried-and-tested fitness protocols and common sense.  

You could say that the laws of individual differences, logic and simplicity have a lot to do with this mindset - aspects of fitness which are not privy to everyone. 

Regardless of program-specifics, 'Sensible Fitness Program' understands that there is much which the industry fails to address. This leaves average people out of their depth when it comes to fitness programs, as with fitness on the whole.

Why use this Site?

It provides expert advice and honest information from first-hand experience and other worthy sources. And just as important: it cares about making a difference in your life! 

Maybe you're new to fitness, or tried a program in the past and given up for one of several reasons, yet still eager for change. Perhaps even frustrated or desperate. 

Either way, unless you're organized and acquainted with the fitness game, you'll be at the mercy of the 'unknown.' And like many others, you could fall prey to the confusion and distrust that dominates this industry - as I've witnessed over the years.

Who stands to benefit?

That average anyone, who wants a life, is serious about getting into shape, but never really knew how or where to start - or who to approach. Or maybe got lost along the way and needs guidance. 

Aside from physical fitness, discover how health, spiritual/emotional wellbeing and discipline are inextricably linked to one another.  Fitness buffs already 'get' it, but even they and other experienced folks benefit from's resources.

Why distinguish 'average everyday person' from the crowd?

Fitness and overall wellbeing
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The concepts 'average person' and 'sensible' may seem trite to those who are knowledgeable about fitness and have lots of time.  

Not so for the others - so be warned! Once you enter the realm of the 'real' world and its host of commitments, lifestyle balance becomes very tricky. Fitness is unfortunately one of the first activities to become neglected.   

Don't let that happen! If it did – let's get you back on track. 

Approached in a sensible manner, you can make informed decisions and realize your goals without the frustration, waste of time and unnecessary expense.  

Whether you're average Joe or Jane, or more seasoned at fitness – let me show you how I took charge of my life and future. You can ultimately do the same as you travel along the 'right' Fitness Road.

What does the Sensible Fitness Program offer?

Most programs hammer at what one needs to do to 'look' great. I say that's short-sighted and unbalanced, and takes too much for granted.  

'Sensible Fitness Program' provides an array of effective physical fitness programs, practical nutritional information and workable lifestyle strategies, making overall wellness feasible and sustainable. It's geared to those who want to be in excellent health and shape - but still have a life.

Cleto-Dec-2013-condition, sensible fitness program

The Site focuses on fitness programs, particularly its time-efficient flagship, My Complete Fitness Program – perfect for the family-Dad. There are however, also several other fitness and health-related resources and information available. 

Here are the more important topics covered with a short description. Links will be provided to the respective pages, as soon as they become available.

  • TAKING STOCK – It all begins with a cold and honest self-review; 
  • GETTING ORGANIZED - You actually have the time to be fit and healthy; 
  • IMPORTANCE OF FITNESS – Looking good is merely the tip of the iceberg; 
  • LOSE WEIGHT – Achieve what is over-complicated by the fitness industry; 
  • BUILD MUSCLE – Make sense of 'hypertrophy', which is plagued by myths and untruths; 
  • OVERALL WELLNESS – Physical fitness is but one side of the coin; 
  • NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS – Misunderstood in the world of health and fitness; 
  • ONLINE FITNESS TRAINING – Your own customized fitness program.

So, where to from here?

You may be a goal-specific athlete looking for useful tips, or a 'newbie' with little or no prior fitness experience, browsing for ideas, or someone in-between. 

Although the fitness-savvy will know how to navigate the Site, I recommend first viewing the pages under the 'Taking Stock' navbar header. They elaborate on 'sensible', how to get fit, and the importance of assessing your own situation and potential in programming your fitness activities. 

You'll soon discover that success in fitness, as in life, means having a goal. 

Other than the Site's main topics above, you can also access specific pages from the navbar at the top of this page. Additional links can be found at the foot of the page.  

Lastly, the Google search bar at the top of the page is useful for finding additional items or information.