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Like most average people, you're constantly mindful of this. You have every intention of getting around to it—but is it actually happening? 

Or has something called 'life' got in the way? Too much on your plate? No time or energy to follow a fitness program? Perhaps you’re intimidated or put off by the fitness industry’s information-overload.  

You’ve probably seen many health and exercise programs online. But if fitness isn't your game, can you make sense of it all? Would you know where to start, or what type of fitness program to select?   

And if you do, are you conscious of your reasons?

The problem

When browsing those fitness resources, did you honestly feel that YOUR interests were being considered, or was it someone else's product, service or supplement instead? 

What the mainstream fitness media produces, unfortunately amounts to unrealistic, biased and incoherent information. The ordinary person needs realistic, informative and trustworthy—not complex and presumptuous.   

Most merchants assume they know your 'wants', 'needs' and motivations—and that you’re ready to grab their flashy one-size-fits-all propositions on the spot. But hold on, they don't even know your side of the story… 

Obviously you're overwhelmed at the prospect of buying into something on an uninformed snap-decision.

A solution

Sensible Fitness Program

There are several ways to overcome adversity and achieve true fitness-potential. uses the Sensible Fitness Program, which promotes health and fitness as a sustainable lifestyle alongside the usual day-to-day activities—not in place of them. 

In short, the best of both worlds for the everyday individual. 

(See the faq for more on the Sensible Fitness Program, and how it differs from others.)

Who stands to benefit from the Sensible Fitness Program?

The 'average person’ who is serious about getting into shape and keeping a life-balance, but never really knew how or where to start—or who to approach. Maybe they got lost along the way, and need guidance.  

Aside from physical fitness, see just how inextricably linked spiritual, emotional and nutritional disciplines are.

Why distinguish the 'average person' from the crowd?

The concepts 'average person' and 'sensible' may seem trite if you’re knowledgeable about fitness, and have lots of time.   

Not so for the rest of us—so be warned! Once you enter the realm of the 'real' world with its host of commitments, lifestyle-balance becomes tricky. That's when the average person usually finds it all too much and lets go of health and fitness—just like the rest of the 'crowd.'

Don't let that happen! If it did–there’s never been a better time to get back on track.

What does this Site offer?

1. Honest information and advice to help you:

  • Understand the benefits of fitness;
  • Take stock of 'where you are';
  • Assess your unique individual situation and fitness-potential;
  • Devise a realistic goal and structure an appropriate fitness program.

2. A means to interact with the rest of us everyday people who are also short on time but want that balance of looking and feeling good, while enjoying a more fulfilling life.

3. Online fitness training. Get your own customized fitness program.

So, where to from here?

You may be a goal-specific athlete looking for useful tips, a 'newbie' with little or no prior fitness experience browsing for ideas—or someone in-between.  

If you're already fitness-oriented, you'll find your way around the Site quite easily. For the lesser-aware folks, I recommend first viewing the pages under the 'Taking Stock' navbar header. The Google search bar is useful for finding additional items or information.   

For those who want to dialogue with me, comment or ask questions—you can do so using the Facebook comments box or via my contact page. 

Online fitness programs are available on request.

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